Nutrition For You

Being able to help others lead a healthy life is very fulfilling. As a qualified nutritional therapist, I get to guide my clients to achieve and experience good health on a daily basis.

With personalised nutritional advice you can eat what you want to eat and understand more about how certain foods work within your body. We are all different, and therefore our dietary plans need to be. From basic weight loss plans to DNA analysis, there is something for everyone.

Eat The Rainbow

The way to good health is to have vegetables and fruits of different colours on your plate.

Fruit and vegetables have an array of different nutrients within them and the best way to make sure we get everything we need is to eat a variety. Look for fruit and vegetables that are in season and vary what you eat regularly.


Just Ask

As well as having set plans and prices, I can also do shorter consultations to suit. You may just want your current eating plan looking over – or want some recipes that include certain minerals or vitamins that you want to include more of. 

Whatever it is – just ask. I’m here to help.


Specialist Diets

It may be that you wish to move gradually into a different way of eating – vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, reducing processed foods, eating for sport – whatever it is, I can help you to make small changes towards your final goal.

If you are the sort of person who needs someone else to motivate you, I can also send you weekly emails to help motivate you. Recipe ideas and snack tips may also be something you would benefit from.